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Super admin . 6th Sep, 2022

How do I combat my anxiety ? Amazing tips by Naina Gupta

Everyone is lagging behind achievements, many of you wondering ?? …don’t you?Why do all the things we want to achieve, when someone has achieved it already ? Why should we achieve only this thing which is taking a lot of time? Why am I feeling so axostic if this is my goal? Daily,  we are getting much closer to stress and becoming less goal- focused. Even though there are countless things in this world  by which you can get distracted, apart from all this shit you need to know only one thing and that is why am i doing it!!!?? For a moment  and ask yourself “Is it okay whatever I am into ?


Many of us experience anxiety at one point or another when we begin new activities. For example, as a child, I used to experience anxiety on my first day of school. As adults, our minds have now crossed all thresholds of anxiety in adolescence, and we are experiencing depression. This may sound harsh, but the truth is that the most basic discussion is that we are afraid of starting new activities. By looking for a solution, we are destroying our lives rather than discovering one.


"If you believe in living a respectable life, you believe in self-help which is the best help"

"Life should be great rather than long"

                                                                        Baba Saheb Ambedkar ji

Just look at these pictures and look at the smile on their faces now tell me, you still believe that we lack happiness!! you might not be aware that the beliefs are preventing you from reaching your full potential and costing you valuable time, energy and most importantly your time.


The real thing is you can not hide your cowardness by trapping yourself in it. You did not meet to a  real person in your life, have ever read about krishna, kabir, klam, Swami vivekananda, baba saheb ambedkar, jyotiba bai phule, bhagat singh, rani laxmi bai, buddha and there are such a masterpiece  in India. Some of them belong to a very common background like us but they did such great work in life.

Focus and having contributed to society through their profession are two very significant characteristics shared by all of them.


*Never try to enter with a blank mind, collect information about your field, it will surely take your time, some of you will get it easily and many of you could take time to understand it.


*Guidance is very important if you face any kind of fear that person will help you to come out of all these problems.


*At the age of 16-30 you should really awaken  your mind, by knowing about these personalities and reading books about great people.


*Face the real challenges, break all the walls or rocks which could stop you from achieving your goal.


*Don't make excuses like cowards, put all your efforts  on the field like a warrior.


*Give yourself at least six months to understand all the things and prepare your mind for a war (war does not mean here to fight with outsiders … It is about fighting for your life, fighting for your goal.


Now take a decision and stand for yourself and win the world.

You represent your  generation, have confidence  in yourself and make your life meaningful  by grinning


                                                       Naina gupta

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