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Super admin . 30th Sep, 2022

Power of Mind -Few important tips to improve yourself

एक ति नके से लेकर पूरा ब्रह्मांड दि माग में है, और फि र भी इस कमरे तक रह रहा हूँ

छोटी नहीं है सोच मेरी, बस खुद से ही गलती कर रहा हूँ,

पल से लेकर दस सालों का सोच रहा हूँ, बस यही सबसे बड़ी गलती कर रहा

जीना तोह बस पल में ही है यही शक्ति अर्जि त कर रहा हूँ।

Power of Mind

Mini second to many years still I think what should I do or what should I look for in my

future? Which career should I choose for my life? How can I earn more money and when will

I fulfil my dreams! When will I make my parents proud? OHHH…. How can people of my

same age earn so much and so quickly? I should be ashamed that I am so old not doing

anything special? And so on ……

Most of us think in a same way, but when we actually see that what is a real problem so the

answer is #me. Not just me, sometimes time prepares the best question paper for us and it’s

totally opposite from what we are preparing today, but before it we need to do at least our

own task which we have given to us after that we can blame on time that “I wanted this but

because of the situation I am doing it.”

Here we have three life of different people, a life of a poor guy, who just want to live

like us, but some of them may be not really want to live like us they have their dreams

in their eyes; which they really want to fulfil and they try for it, because they already

suffer a lot. He thinks at least ten times before he spends his money.

Second, a middle class guy who has infinity dreams but has to take care of everything

#papakiizzat, #reputation, #society, #coollifewithlessmoney, and one more thing

#hangoutwithfriends/girlfriend, apart from all this shit s/he also wants to fulfil his/her

dreams. His life is somehow better than the guy above but pocket does not allow him

to spend freely.

Third, a life of a rich guy who does not lack in facilities, he has everything even he

does not need to think before spending some money, which could be a lot for us. He

could handle his father’s business, whenever he would be mature his father would

hand over this business to him. It does not apply in all cases; they also have their own

dreams. But as usual some of them because of this #highsociety they cannot do what

they want to do.

But in every single guy one thing is common which is goal.

Everyone has a problem and we know the synonym of life is “STRUGGLE”.

Some common and major problems which we make in life, I am pretty sure that you

all can relate to this. Comparing yourself with others, undisciplined, laziness, and

most important purposeless.

Not taking much of your time there is only a solution, just wake up your mind by

seeing your inner self. Living today (just for a day when you are eager to know real

life) means like a kid you need to see the activities which are happening around you if

you really want to change yourself. Just see the people around you and think what are

they actually doing, and where you really stand in your life not socially but it will

relate to your spiritual life. It will increase the power of your subconscious mind. But

you need to keep your #intelligence away from your mind, and become like a kid…

think about it will see you in the next article by some of the wonderful outcomes.

Naina gupta

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