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Super admin . 2nd Oct, 2022

Top seven best skills

Top seven best skills

Nowadays life has totally changed, now most people are aware about their goals. There are so many people who actually study a lot but still they do not get jobs because they do not focus on skills they take for granted. But here some skills if you really know one of them so you can get job very easily even you do not need to go outside you can do your work at your home if you search work as per your skill:

1.Coding : If you learn the coding it really transforms you in an innovative and creative way, billionaires run multinational companies and they actually need freshers who have a creative mindset so if you want to work in such a big company you need to be creative. And the best thing is that everyone can learn coding whether you have technical background or non-technical background.

2. Digital marketing: Social media is one of the greatest platforms in today’s time, and opportunities are like knocking your door. To learn digital marketing there are some courses which are available in online and offline mode.

3.Data scientist and broker: A data scientist is a professional who uses statistical and analytical techniques to extract meaningful insights from raw data. This is important to business since the amount of available data is growing exponentially.

4. Language sufficiency : You work in companies, interact with thousands of people, give presentations, sit in interviews, and so many reasons are there to be perfect in language if you are unable to understand it properly so there are very less chances to get a job. You need to know the proper language if you really want to work in such a big company.

5.Emotional Intelligence: “Don't make a fool of yourself”. Everyone's here to make you fool, and this is somehow strange that we give this chance to others to make us fool, because we show our emotions before them. “Be strong and work on your EQ”.

6.Leadership Skill: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. In mahabharat ‘krishna’ was ‘sarthi’ of arjun but he leads him to win the war, even not only war by his leadership someone can win the world. Leadership skill is one of the best skills, but remember that you need to gain knowledge first.

7.Patience: We rarely get this skill in anyone, or else they just tolerate others. It could be an employee if the manager is in front of him, it could be a manager if the boss is standing before him. But this skill comes with meditation, it develops your inner self. You control your anger and you know how to deal with the situation calmly? Just sit 10 minutes in isolation and work on it.

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-Naina Gupta

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